How to follow up in Dubsado after an appointment is not scheduled

Dubsado 101: The Gentle Nudge Your Clients Didn’t Know They Needed

G’day, Dubsado enthusiasts! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Double Shot Studio here. Ever scratched your head, wondering how to remind your clients to book an appointment after you’ve sent the scheduler? Well, grab your coffee (double shot, of course) because we’re diving into one of our top-secret hacks!

Now, if you’ve been around the Double Shot block, you’ll know we’re all about working smarter, not harder. And by that, we mean letting Dubsado do the heavy lifting. We’ve had countless clients ask, “How do I get Dubsado to nudge my clients if they haven’t booked an appointment?” And while Dubsado might not have this feature built-in (yet), where there’s a will, there’s a workaround!

Step-by-Step Guide to Follow-up after an Appointment Not Scheduled:

1. Send the Scheduler
Kick things off by sending the appointment scheduler to your potential client. This is your “Hey, let’s chat!” move.

2. Queue the Follow-Up Email
Send a follow-up email to be sent a few days after the initial schedule [ Send email X days after all previous actions complete]. This is your “Just checking in, did you forget about our chat?” move. But here’s the twist: this email will be sent regardless of whether they’ve booked or not. So, read on!

3. Start a New Workflow
If your client does book an appointment (hooray!), initiate a new workflow. This will handle all the automations post-booking. Think of it as your “Great, you’re in! Here’s what to expect” move.

4. Pause the Workflow
Now, if they’ve scheduled an appointment, pause the workflow. [Pause workflow 0 days after appointment scheduled] This step ensures that the follow-up email from Step 2 doesn’t get sent. It’s like stopping a text mid-send when you realise you’re about to send it to the wrong person. Phew!

All of the nice confirmations and reminders are attached to the scheduler, so you don’t need to worry about those getting forgotten!

Remember: Sequence matters! IT MUST BE DONE IN THIS ORDER. It’s like making a coffee; milk before water is a latte, water before milk is an Americano. Stick to the order above, and you’ll be golden.

Need a visual? I got you:

follow up after an appointment is not scheduled

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