Dubsado Certified Specialist Australia
Certified Specialist Australia


Well, it’s official. I’m now a Dubsado Certified Specialist 🎉

It’s a funny thing to have to take an exam to prove you can do the thing that you do every day. There were lots of mixed reviews from Dubsado pro’s when the news first came out. I figured I do this every day how hard can it be? I also wasn’t afraid to pay the cost of taking the exam. To me, it signifies that I’m willing to invest in a company that I obviously run my business alongside of and shows that I do believe in their system.

What does that mean for you when you need a Dubsado Setup?

Well, nothing much changes from my end. I will still be building Dubsado accounts like I always have YOU as the client just get an added layer of faith, that I know my sh*t and as a certified Dubsado Pro I get access to more expert-level tools and support from Dubsado as well as pro only new releases and upcoming features to test out. I will still be over here refining your processes and workflows and saving you a whole bunch of time in your business through streamlining.

Another sweet bonus is if you are new to Dubsado and ready to automate then you now get 30% off your first year or month when you use my code DOUBLESHOT


Want to work with me?

I love all sorts of business and have worked with setting up loads of Dubsado accounts from Interior Designers to lawn mowing! If you are a coach, copywriter, social media manager, wedding events planner or photographer I can help you too. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for all of the tips and tricks to really nail your Dubsado or Let’s schedule a coffee chat to see how I can help you.

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