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Get ready to meet your new shiny client hub. Dubsado will replace your busy work with the kind of work that gives you joy and makes you money! Stop spending hours swamped in admin tasks, buried in client work and feeling completely alienated from freedom.

I can create you a new clever CRM hub that will keep all your wonderful clients in one place and do all the heavy lifting for you. Creating workflows that do your admin work and a system that allows your brand to shine with beautiful forms and savvy emails is just the start of managing your business with more ease. With this experience, you’ll receive a done for you Dubsado set-up and be on your way to a more productive business sooner. 

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Custom Designed

Get custom-designed forms and proposals that reflect your business brand and tone of voice. 

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Seamless Setup

Let me customise your workflows & processes to suit your business and take the heavy lifting out of day to day with your clients.


Room to Grow

Start small and have the ability to scale with added integrations and payment options.

In 6 weeks, I can transform your business processes for smooth automation, streamlined onboarding of clients, and create a centralised hub. Dubsado will change the way you do business and improve your client experience, allowing you to grow your business to its full potential.

Dubsado Done For You

With this experience, you’ll receive a done for you Dubsado set up of one (1) Dubsado account for one brand with one client process (includes enquiry, one service delivery and follow up) for your signature service. This business experience also includes 6 weeks of setup time and 30 days of support via a ticket style support system.

  • 90 min Zoom Mapping Call to start to review your current client processes so we can catch any gaps, eliminate inefficiencies and refine your delivery to your customers.
  • Up to 3 workflows (normally lead capture, one service delivery & follow up) setup & fully tested. See FAQ below for more info.
  • All-important workflows that automate your admin and keep you in your zone of genius.This is the part that will really save you time and allow you to make more money.
  • Impress clients even further with a professional and custom portal that is on brand and can be used for your clients or for your team.
  • Collaborative canned emails. Don’t know how to woo your clients in emails like Shakespeare? Don’t worry I will help you write your emails so they are on brand, sound like you and deliver all the necessary details to your client just when they need it most.
  • Beautifully customized forms and proposals. All of your assets will be tailored specifically to you and your business.
  • Set up of scheduler templates & groups - customized thank you redirect page. No more sending reminders or double bookings.
  • Forms embedded on your website for a seamless customer journey and an automated intake. No more back and forth with emails booking appointments.
  • Custom URL connected to your Dubsado and Integration with your accounting software, zapier, website, email and calendar. I connect all the dots so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Import of your current clients to the address book
  • 1:1 Recorded launch and learn handover session to refer back to at any time
  • 30 days of Dubsado System Support - you have me to walk through any issues that you might have for 30 days after your workflows go live.



The 5 steps to Dubsado Success



 Your Business Process Exercise 90min workflow mapping call
Content directory creation 


Design Starts
Content created and implemented
Client Portal Set Up
Scheduler Set up



Workflows curated
Organize integrations
Import clients
Embed forms on your website



All workflows are tested to ensure you have a seamless client experience.

5 steps dubsado

Go live!

1:1 60min Recorded call to show you how it all works
Onboard a client together
30 days of hiccup help

Need a Little More....

Additional Workflows $550 each

Fully coded custom forms $650

Additional Support $88 per hour


Make 2022 your Badass Boss year with a streamlined CRM system!

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We have tried to answer most of the common questions we get asked here

If you have a question that we haven’t answered please reach out so we can help.

What workflows are included in the above price?

I often get asked to breakdown the above pricing and explain it.

Dubsado is built in workflows. The above price includes an Enquiry Workflow. Eg. Your clients fill in a contact form and the workflow is automated up until you pick up the phone to have a discovery call. 

An On-Boarding Workflow Eg. This is the part where your client actually gets sent a proposal and the automation will do all the heavy lifting about reminders and follow-ups right up until they pay and are moved into the service delivery workflow.

A Service Delivery Workflow. This is where most people get confused! If you have three services that are all delivered differently, then you will require one workflow for each. Like me for example, I have SEO, Website, Dubsado and ClickUp builds. All services are delivered very differently to my clients. I would need a separate customised workflow created for each.  If i can duplicate similar workflows to help you minimise costs, then I will but this cant be gaurentteed until I get in and see your particular system. 

Off-boarding Workflow Eg. Sending out a feedback form or following up with clients after the service has finished. 

WHAT can dubsado actually do?

  • Let clients self-schedule appointments.
  • Create forms that capture everything you need.
  • Have proposals auto-generate details on contracts and invoices.
  • Enjoy built-in organization: store emails and manage your sales pipeline.
  • Set up recurring invoices, payment plans, and receive payment.
  • Build automated workflows.
  • House time-saving templates: canned emails, packages, and more.
  • Send automated reminders for appointments, forms, and invoices.
  • Brand it all to your business.
  • And so much more.

how much does dubsado cost?

There are three pricing options:

Free Trial – Limited to 3 clients. This option lets you test out the system without a time limit to see if it will work for you and your business.

Monthly Plan – Need to pay by the month? Dubsado has you covered. You have full access to the complete system for $35 a month.

Annual Plan – Purchase the yearly plan and save $$. It’s $350 for the year (giving you 2 months for free). Use my affiliate link here and get 20% off 

can i migrate from another system to Dubsado?


Dubsado White Glove Migration – Dubsado has a white glove migration service where they will transfer your data from another service and into Dubsado for free. They’ll transfer clients, jobs, and invoices up to 2 years back, along with any filled forms and signed contracts. All you need is a paid account.

What is included:

  • Migration from one system

  • Jobs and contacts attached to them

  • Import of client data if your previous CRM allows for a mass export

  • Invoices and payments made on that invoice

  • Forms on projects will be brought over as PDFs

What they don’t include:

  • Client email conversations/email communications

  • Bookkeeping categories or anything outside a project invoice

  • Templates

  • Workflows

  • Canned Emails

  • Tasks

  • Payment Schedules (applied and templates)

  • Taxes

  • Tracked Time

As you can expect this is a pretty popular service so the estimated timeframe on they give you is approximately 4-6 weeks.