Gmail Email Hack For Testing In Systems

Are you a systems pro and need to constantly test with an email? I spend a LOT of time in Google Workspace, and there's no hiding it - I love it. There are so many reasons it would take me too long to list here, but the main ones are that it connects everything in...


Google Drive On Your Mac

How to have Google Drive In Finder Want quick access to your google drive on your Mac? Sick of clicking back and forth across your windows? We love a good time-saving hack. I wanted to share this super short, super-effective Google addition to your working day....

Google-Drive-to finder

Automation for Small Business & Solopreneurs

"You're busy. I get it. If you're like me, 100 things need to be done and only one of you! You want to do everything yourself, but the reality is that sometimes we have to delegate tasks if we ever hope to reach our goals." What is Small Business Automation?...


Tools to help you work smarter in your business in 2022.

There are so many tools out there that it's easy to get tech overwhelm. I wanted to share with you my favourites and some that are used by business friends around the way. I will update this blog as I can and ill try my best to categorise them for you as I go. If...


22 to 2022: Business tips to get you focused for the New Year

Business tips to get you focused in 2022 In preparation for 2022 being nothing like the shit show that 2021 was, I thought I would give you 22 tips to get your business looking boss ass in the new year. These will be spread out over the next few weeks leading up to...


Dubsado Certified Specialist Australia

  Well, it's official. I'm now a Dubsado Certified Specialist 🎉 It's a funny thing to have to take an exam to prove you can do the thing that you do every day. There were lots of mixed reviews from Dubsado pro's when the news first came out. I figured I do...

Certified Specialist Australia

Building Your External Brain

When I started out in my own business, I quickly learned that I needed a system to stay organised and be on top of my game day today. During an excellent walk n talk (check out my post here about my fav way to brainstorm and get your ideas flowing), A friend told...

build your brain

Dubsado V’s Honeybook

Dubsado V's Honeybook It's no secret that I love Dubsado, but every so often, I hear whispers of another CRM platform being hailed as a new brilliant player. Lately, it's been Honeybooks, so I thought I would give it a run to see how it stacks up. 💥💥 Spoiler Alert:...


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