Tools to help you work smarter in your business in 2022.

There are so many tools out there that it’s easy to get tech overwhelm. I wanted to share with you my favourites and some that are used by business friends around the way.
I will update this blog as I can and ill try my best to categorise them for you as I go. If you want to add to this list then feel free to shoot me an email via my contact page.

Let’s start with the recording software:

Camtasia – I use this for fast recording and to allow me to add in elements easily. I like that it’s not as hard to use as Final Cut Pro and I can create professional-looking videos in under a few hours. I use this software for all of my course recordings and get asked about it a tonne. There is a free trial or a paid version that is a one-off purchase. Approx $450 aud

Berrycast – I got this back on an Appsumo deal and I’ve watched to grow and improve over time to be on par with Loom. Safe to say it’s my favourite screen recording software and has a tonne of features that you need as a business including branding, the ability to share folders of videos, analytics, editing etc They have a free account for 10 videos a month and also a paid plan at $10usd a month  Get 20% off here

Loom – The OG of screen recording. I like Loom but the competition is fierce these days. It’s similar to Berry cast but comes in at an equal value of $10usd a month. The free account has a time limit on it, unlike berry cast.

Tango – While tango is a sort of screen recording, what it does is takes your screen recording and turns it into a step by step document. If you need to create SOP’s or instructional information this app is fab. I use it regularly to help students that learn via written instructions more so than watching or taking notes. It’s great for product guides, onboarding and walkthroughs. It has a free plan and a pro plan at $12usd a month Check out Tango


LastPass: It took me a while to want to pay for this one, but now I have it – I literally cannot go an hour without using it and at renewal time Im like take my money. There are plenty of security software/apps around and I’ve tried them all. LastPass continues to get the job done with fewer glitches for me. I have separate folders for my biz, personal, and clients, which makes logging into a bazillion websites each day both secure and a total breeze. At $4.50usd a month it’s worth every single cent! Try a free trial here

RevealIT – This nifty web app is such a simple way to send login details or any other sensitive information securely. Enter your message and then get a secret URL to send to the person. It’s a one-use click that they can then copy the info and then it’s gone. Have a play with it here

Handy Apps:

If you are after a chrome extension… I got you boo.

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