Search Engine Optimisation

Having an epic website that looks great won’t always have customers running through your doors.
Your website needs to meet Googles (and other search engines) criteria to be the one that gets picked when a customer carries out an online search.

Having no SEO strategy is like having a party and not sending out any invites, and wondering why no-one turns up!

Our packages are tailored to maximise the results based on your budget.


Keyword Experts

Keywords are a critical component of all our packages. They aren’t just picked at random, they reflect what your specific clients are typing into Google to find what you do or sell. Keywords are selected to bring profit not just rankings.


Local SEO Specialists

Local SEO is one of our specialties. Helping service based business’ rank in their local area is the key to reoccurring revenue. When a customer types in the service they need ensure your business is the one they cant scroll past.


Analytics & Goals

No SEO is complete without a measurable system to analyse the data. We will set up and configure your Google analytics so you can see real-time performance of your website and data.


SEO that Converts

There is no point in ranking #1 in the search results if that doesn’t equal sales! We dont just do awesome SEO, we do targeted SEO that converts to dollars.


E-Commerce SEO

We can optimise your E-commerce products and website so that you aren’t just a product floating in a sea of millions. Explore our product keyword optimisation options.


Monthly Reporting

We believe in transparency and trust. Keeping our clients up to date with how they are progressing via monthly reporting and ensuring we have documented results.

There are two distinct parts to SEO optimisation; The initial research, strategy and technical implementation on the website, and recurring monthly SEO that is more focussed on areas like ongoing keyword research for blogging, competitor analysis, content gap analysis and link building.

Site Optimisation

This is a great option to get you started on your way to ranking if you aren’t quite ready to go the full-throttle with the 6-month package.
Site optimisation includes a review of your keywords and the following services:
5 keywords – 5 pages
URL Optimisation
Google Analytics Account Setup
Webmaster Tools (Google) Account Set Up
New Page Creation Suggestion (If Required)
URL Canonicalisation
Check Robots.Txt
Optimisation XML and HTML
Sitemap Generation
Website Page Load Optimisation
H1-H6 Tag Optimisation
Internal link structuring & optimisation

Cost: $1,800 + gst

6 Month Package

15 Target Keywords – 15 Pages
In depth Site Analysis
Backlink Audit
Onsite Optimisation
Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Duplicate Content Check
Initial Rank Report
URL Optimisation
Image Optimisation
New Page Creation (if Required)
URL Canonicalisation Check
Robots Txt Optimisation
XTML & HTML Site Map Generation
Site Speed Optimisation
H1-H6 Tag Optimisation
Internal Linking Structure Audit & Optimisation
Social Bookmarking
Business Listings
Google My Business Listing
Updating Local Listing Pages
You Tube Channel Set Up
Monthly Traffic Reports
SEO Reports
Monthly Keyword Reports
Monthly Ranking Reports
Monthly Customer Support – Email/Zoom

Total Amount for 6 months

6 Blog Posts can be added to this package for an additional $1000

Cost: $5,400 + gst

Keyword Research Package

My keyword research package is suitable for bloggers, designers and white label clients to enable the implementation of highly targeted keywords into their services without the huge cost of monthly programs.
Keyword research forms one part of a holistic approach to SEO. It is used in conjunction with best-practice SEO including website optimisation and technical SEO and should not to be used as a shortcut.
As a keyword specialist, I enjoy digging out those keywords that have been overlooked and developing a strategy that allows you to target your ideal customer at the point they are ready to buy.

Cost $450 + gst

How the package works:

  1. You fill in the target market form I provide Or provide me with a completed ideal customer persona.
  2. I research the business, and it’s a current website if it has one.
  3. You give me details on the niche that requires targeting.
  4. I research and develop the keyword strategy.
  5. I provide you with the information to provide to your client or add to your service.
  • NKeyword research of the competition, niche and overall keyword usages, up to 20 keywords
  • NThe research provides search volumes and suggestions which keywords to choose.
  • NKeyword research includes written summary with possible strategies and competition overview for keywords that were analysed.
  • NSuggestions for blog posts and topic clusters.
  • NAll activities come with suggestions for website improvement.

Free Site Audit

Not sure where to start with SEO? Don’t know if your website even has any SEO? Never fear! Enter your details here to get a free site audit to show you where you can improve your chances of ranking. An actual human does these audits, so give us about 48 hours to get it back to you. 

By clicking Download you agree that we may contact you about our services in line with the terms set out in our privacy policy. You may opt out at any time.


SEO can be quite elusive and clients always have lots of questions about the process. 

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered please reach out so we can help to clarify any SEO topics we may have missed. Transparency is key when it come to working with Double Shot SEO!

do you audit our website?

Yes. Search Engine Optimisation is part of a holistic approach to your online presence. Clients often have pretty websites that don’t convert to sales and are not SEO optimised. In order to get maximum results, we strongly advise that you follow the recommendations set out in your custom strategy. I’m more than happy to work directly with your web developer if you don’t have your website with Double Shot SEO.



All of my packages offer some level of content topic suggestions based on keywords, including descriptions of the suggested posts. Copywriting and blog posts come at an additional charge unless stated otherwise. My team of talented industry-specific copywriters can create word wizardry for you..




Technical SEO is what makes your website crawlable, indexable and easy to understand for search engines. If you don’t build your website to Googles specifications, it could directly impact your visibility and ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP’s). Most technical SEO requires web development experience and needs to be undertaken by an expert… Enter Double Shot SEO!


Knowing your market and competition is vital to any great SEO strategy. In-depth competitor analysis forms part of the behind the scenes strategy that is implemented. Monitoring which keywords your competitors rank for and the corresponding pages are closely monitored throughout your strategy.


I truly believe that SEO and a great website is the most essential part of getting eyes on your goods or services. I also think that you should have access to other services if you need them. I have great relationships with gurus in the below fields enabling me to recommend their services when I think you need them to give your biz that extra boost:

Social Media Management
Facebook Ads Training
Marketing Masterclasses
Marketing Campaigns
Sales Funnels
Sales Copywriting


Keywords are one of my specialties. Researching your keywords comes down to deep diving into your business and your ideal customer and then targeting them in their buyer journey. Keywords are one of the most important parts of every strategy and package at DS SEO. You will walk away with a list of highly targeted keywords to optimise your content.