22 to 2022: Business tips to get you focused for the New Year

Business tips to get you focused in 2022

In preparation for 2022 being nothing like the shit show that 2021 was, I thought I would give you 22 tips to get your business looking boss ass in the new year. These will be spread out over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. Get your note pads out and click the bookmark button because these will level up your new year!

TIP #1

Outline your promotional key dates and marketing strategy for 2022.
When we plan things out, it takes the stress of coming up with posts and marketing on the fly. Grab one of those old school calendars that have every day of the year and pop that sucker up on a wall so you can see what’s coming up with some pretty highlighter. Into PM tools? Get those dates listed with reminders, so you never miss an opportunity.
Tools I love for finding random dates and holidays that you can play off – https://sbee.link/cw936xpjtk

TIP #2

Review your client testimonials from 2021.
Are you missing one? Send your client a quick reminder because these testimonials are super important! Want to get even more out of it? Why not ask them for a video that you can transcribe and use on your website, social media, email list, etc.

Tools I love for Video testimonials – https://sbee.link/e6umtrgj9b

TIP #3

Incorporate “Inbox Zero” into your business.
It’s a vibe! Opening your inbox and seeing just a few emails instead of a TRUCKLOAD 🚛 every single day. I have a whole module on Inbox mastery in my new course – link in bio 🙋🏻‍♀️ You want to see this in action and learn how to stop spending countless hours dealing with emails. #timesaver2022

TIP #4

Send a personal Thank You message to anyone you worked with or simply inspired you this year.
Whether it’s a client, someone you collaborated with, or even someone who has been an amazing friend or helped you get through the cluster f*ck that was 2021. The best messages and gifts are the most unexpected, and it’s a lovely time of year to reflect and appreciate.

TIP #5

Set up your autoresponder for (the Xmas break & your general business email
to set up reply expectations.
This is also a great opportunity to direct people elsewhere while they wait for a reply (like a freebie, a blog post or a podcast episode).

TIP #6

Try out the 5 Minute Journal or the 6min Diary.
I tried this back at the start of the year, and while I didn’t do it every single day, I did do it when I had gone through a day feeling a bit meh, and it really helped get my focus down for the day. Give it a try. It helps change your energy and shift your mindset. I used it in the mornings as well to start my day feeling grateful for what I have, which is something I think we can all relate to this year and last.

TIP #7

Create a private mini offer
 only for clients who aren’t ready for the big investment yet. How many clients do you get that aren’t quite ready to fully fledge invest with you? If this is a common occurrence for you, then come up with a smaller offer to get them in the door and show them how amazing you are to work with. This also gets them in your pipeline to warm right up for those big-ticket items. If you are a brand specialist, you might have some Instagram packs, or if you are a photographer, then a mini session; if you are a service provider, you might do an hour of power strategy session.

TIP #8

Spring-clean & review your offers.
While you are knee-deep in Tip #7, you may as well sort out your offers too. Keep any offers that make you money, bring you joy, and get rid of the ones you don’t. Keeping your offers simple and giving clients less choice helps when creating proposals and avoids decision overload. Unless you run an icecream🍦 store, stick to the one flavour… Your flavour!

TIP #9

And While you’re there…Reevaluate your fees.
While we are getting stuck right in there, we may as well do a complete overhaul and check that we are charging our value’s worth. The world takes a pay rise each year, so should you!

🔅Start by working out all of your monthly expenses.

🔅Then work out how long each service roughly takes you.

🔅Then work out what that hourly rate is for each service as it stands currently.

🔅Then work out how many of your services you need to take on monthly to meet your expenses and the profit you would like to have each month.

Does this align with where you want to be profit-wise? If not, you need to reevaluate your rates or look to hire or automate as many of the tasks that don’t require YOU as possible.

Want to know more about TIP #9 and how you can incorporate it into your business? Course waitlist now Sign up to the course Waitlist

TIP #10

Cancel subscriptions/memberships you’re not using to their full extent.
This one comes off the back of all the Black Friday deals I purchased (credit card gone wild) in 2021 that came and bit me on the butt in 2022. Which then made me realise I needed a way to 1. Track them, and 2. Unsubscribe from all the ones that are no longer serving me. I also added my spreadsheet and ClickUp template to my course because this WILL save you some cash.

TIP #11

Reach out to past clients of 2021 with happy wishes and tell them how you could help them in the new year.
I always advise my clients to send an email to reconnect with them within six months of their last service. This ensures that clients are always in your business life cycle and are up to date with your new offers or front of mind when they need help with a service you offer. Get that reoccurring income that doesn’t cost you a cent to market to!

Tip #12

Freshen your feed!
Stop following people who don’t bring you joy on social media. This one is a little easier and lighter than the two above (you got some homework to do, boo). That one’s easy – if you don’t like ’em, don’t follow ’em.

TIP #13

Start writing or reviewing your SOP’s
Don’t know what an SOP is? Well, friend, you need to get on that train right now! Standard operating procedures are like your business bible. They are a set of instructions for your business that you need to scale. If you already have them, start adding dates to your calendar for 2022 to review and ensure they are still current.


Add a CTA in your email signature.
This is an easy way to direct your clients or potential clients to a freebie, a blog post or your podcast. Keep it brief, professional and appealing. I have book a chat in mine so that no one can ever get lost if they need to jump on a quick call with me to speak with a real-life human.


Create templates for each step of your process.
Do something on repeat ALLL the time? There’s a template for that! or at least there should be! Having templates for each step that you can quickly customise for the client helps you save so much time!


Get your Googly bits sorted.
If you don’t already get all the FREE google apps connected to your website to start tracking all your lovely humans and how you can serve them better and offer them more.


Get an affiliate program started for your business today.
All of those humans that already love you and shout your praises, you need to be cashing in on that free marketing, and so do they! Get an affiliate program started. I cover this in my course (link to the waitlist in bio), and I always talk about giving back to the people that support you the most.


Get Gifting.
It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant. It should be small, personal and a total surprise. I love gifting to clients that have spent a certain amount with me. I find something pretty and unique and send it when I know they may feel overwhelmed in life or during a service. Everyone loves a gift.  


Qualify your leads.
Sick of every second lead being a tyre kicker? Get that lead capture sorted by using it to qualify leads. This is one of the most commented-on tasks that I complete for clients. It holds everyone in the biz relationship accountable for pricing too. Want to know more? I teach you how in my course – opening Q1 2022 (waitlist link in bio)


Automate your payments.
Have reoccurring invoices? Get those dollar bills automated, stat! I’ve moved to a monthly model where I no longer take payments in milestones but instead make monthly payments. That way, I have a set income coming in a month which also helps with Tip #9


Review your processes.
As you all know, I’m BIG on processes and how they serve you and your team. How do you know they are still golden if you don’t review them? Remember back in tip #13, I spoke about adding SOP to the mix? Well, now it’s time to review the process as a whole and see if it’s still working for you. Sometimes we only learn from the f*ck ups – think about any you had during the year and look at the processes surrounding them. Can they be tweaked or tamed to work better for you in 2022?


Be Kind To Yourself.
As my tips come to an end, my best and biggest is to be kind to yourself this year. It’s all about taking care of the person who probably does a lot at work, a lot at home and a lot for everyone except for themselves… Take time to celebrate you, and what an epic badass boss you really are.

Enjoy 2022, friends, and I hope my tips have been helpful. 🥂


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